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Victory pulse - Alexey Nemova's dramatized show

Victory pulse - Alexey Nemova's dramatized show

On November, 27th, 2008 in the Ice palace on the Hodynsky field has passed grandiose show of 4-fold Olympic champion Alexey Nemova «Victory Pulse». Alexey Nemova's show «victory Pulse» has transferred spectators to spaces of Olympic fights of the past and in real time will present legends of the last Olympic Games

More than 200 participants – legendary gymnasts, air acrobats, dancers and actors – have presented the most entertainment and difficult numbers of sports and art gymnastics, including parno-group acrobatics, high-rise numbers and jumps on a trampoline, executed on the highest professional level in enchanting art statement. Ice representation of stars of the Russian figure skating became organic addition of show.

«Victory pulse» is more than professional show. Colourful scenery, courageous light decisions, graceful musical compositions, and also participants of these Olympic games by means of "time machine" have transferred spectators from Athenes 2004 2008 on Olympic games in Beijing, and then (by means of technologies of show) – on stadiums of the future Olympic Games: to Vancouver 2010, to London 2012 and in Sochi 2014. Spectators have recollected happy instants of the last Olympic Games and on advantage have estimated and have congratulated those who glorified and continues to glorify our country on a sports stage.